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In Decemberthe ADRC encourages everyone to plan for your future

Here is information on a variety of advance planning tools from the National Center on Law and Elder Rights (NCLER.acl.gov)

Important Conversations This Holiday Season

This month, as family and friends gather for the holidays, is a great time to “have the conversation” about advance care planning. Discussing advance care planning allows an individual to share with family and friends the choices they would like to make, and helps ensure future choices reflect what the individual wants. Legal documents are helpful, but can be inadequate when people making future decisions do not understand the individual’s goals. A conversation with family and friends about these goals and values can make a huge difference in the quality of health care decisions made in the future.

This is a great season ... to take advantage of this family time and talk about what is truly important to them.

There are several tools available to start or facilitate these conversations:

The ABA Consumer Toolkit for Advance Care Planning

The Conversation Project workbooks

Five Wishes from Aging with Dignity

Stanford Medicine’s Letter Project

Go Wish from the Coda Alliance

Tools to Manage End of Life Care from Compassion and Choices 

Advance Directives - Wisconsin DHS

Some tools that are available to help disabled adults and those transitioning to adulthood. 

¨ Contact the ADRC for transition planning information like the booklet “Living My Dream,” and other advance directives like Power of Attorney for Healthcare or Power of Attorney for finance forms, and general information about Guardianship.  The ADRC can also discuss long -term care programs.

¨ See the ARC’s Center for Future Planning at www.futureplanning.thearc.org/101 They provide reliable information and practical assistance to individuals with I/DD, family members and friends as well as others.  Keep your eyes open for upcoming information about their online planning tool.

¨ Sibling Leadership Network http://siblingleadership.org/ where the Wisconsin Chapter offers workshops where adult siblings and the disabled individual plan together for future wishes and needs.

¨ Families are encouraged to talk to a knowledgeable attorney and/or the Guardianship Support Center (GSC) at 1-855- 409-9410 or email guardian@gwaar.org before moving forward with a guardianship decision.  They also have information about “Supported Decision Making. They can be found at: http://www.gwaar.org/.

Remember that the goal of any future planning is always to protect the individual’s rights and ensure choices.

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The Racine County Specialized Transportation Program for older adults and people with disabilities helps people get around.

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