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Article: 12 Helpful Apps for Caregivers

Medication Management

Table of Contents
  1. Networking and Sharing
  2. Informational
  3. Medication Management
  4. Stress Management
Medication Management Apps
Remembering which medications your loved one has to take for each part of the day can be overwhelming. Medisafe tries to make it as easy as possible for you. The app can remind the user when to take medications, and track the progress of a prescription. It can also provide you with helpful and practical information on your loved one’s condition and the medicines they're taking.
Medisafe works with medication for people of all ages, and it also allows physicians to connect with their patients for extra support.
You can download Medisafe for free for both Android and iOS.  
iPharmacy Pro
Like Medisafe, iPharmacy pro is here to help you manage your loved one’s medication. But instead of focusing on providing an easy way to remember to take medication, iPharmacy Pro is focuses on helping you save money. It can track your medications and compare prices at local and mail order pharmacies to find the lowest price. The app also offers one-click refills to many of the main pharmacy chains, like CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, and more. 
iPharmacy Pro does still have reminders to take your medication, but it’s not the main component of the app. Another added feature: the app can identify your pill by color, shape and imprint, and provide you with information about it from the FDA.
iPharmacy Pro is only on the Google Play Store for Android devices.
Instead of tracking medications, Symple tracks symptoms. It can track up to five individual symptoms, like anxiety, fatigue or pain, over long periods of time. You can also record how your loved one feels and document up to five contributing factors to their mood or health. Symple works with Apple's Health App, allowing you to import steps, sleep, and heart rate data directly into its system. Symple then displays the info in easy to read graphs that can help your loved one’s doctor with treatment.
In addition to tracking symptoms and health factors, Symple allows you to take pictures of your medication to help you remember what your loved one took and when. And it has a journal feature so you can take notes to share with your loved one’s doctor.
Symple can be downloaded for free on the iTunes store. You can also pay $6.99 to upgrade to Symple Complete inside the app.

Last Updated on 4/29/2020