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Article: 12 Helpful Apps for Caregivers

Stress Management

Table of Contents
  1. Networking and Sharing
  2. Informational
  3. Medication Management
  4. Stress Management
Stress Management Apps
MyCalmBeat is an app designed to help you manage the stress that comes with caregiving by leading through breathing exercises. It’s very easy to use, just set your breathing rate and the length of the exercise, and then follow along with the on-screen animation. Controlling your breathing can be a very effective way to lower your stress in the moment. MyCalmBeat was designed to help everyone with breathing exercises, and it may come in handy when the responsibilities of caregiving get overwhelming.
MyCalmBeat is free for iPhone and Android.
Virtual Hope Box
This app was reportedly developed by clinical psychologists working for the U.S. Military to help them cope with PTSD, but has evolved to help anyone with stress. The Virtual Hope Box is specifically built to discourage hopelessness, which you may feel as a caregiver occasionally. Virtual Hope Box has different activities designed to distract, inspire, and relax. 
Activities like short games, guided meditation, and more. It also has “coping cards,” with tips on how to cope. You can tailor each category specifically to your situation too.
Virtual Hope Box is free for iOS and Android.
Pacifica is similar to Virtual Hope box, but it lets you track your emotional state in addition to giving you different coping methods. It has fewer activities than Virtual Hope Box, but it does include a community function, where you can share stories, advice, and words of encouragement with others.
Pacifica is available for free for iOS and Android.
Technology can be extremely useful for caregiving, and there are many tools available to help you get through the day.
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Last Updated on 4/29/2020