ADRC of Racine County, Wisconsin


Wellness & Prevention


The ADRC would like to educate the community about prevention and wellness as we age. Studies show that as we age we are at greater risk for declining physical and mental health however there are activities that can delay this or improve our physical and mental well being. Also be sure to check out our calendar for schedule activities in the community.

If your church, business, group or organization is interested in a training or hosting a workshop please contact the ADRC today to inquire about our outreach services to the community. Call 262-833-8777 or e-mail:


Memory Screening

The ADRC is able to offer free Memory Screens to adults over the age of 60 in other locations as well. Book an appointment for yours today by calling 262-833-8777


Classes and Seminars

For a listing of classes offered and information about signing up visit our classes page by clicking here.


Sip and Swipe Cafe Tablet Training Program

Make THIS the year you learn how to use a tablet!
No experience or tablet ownership required
Learn how to:  Navigate web pages  -  use email  -  and more!
Please call (262) 833-8777 for information about this program
Do you know your way around a tablet computer?
Become a volunteer coach for the
Sip and Swipe Cafe Tablet training program


Information & Resources

Wellness Guide to Overcoming Isolation During Covid-19

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Home Safety Checklist

Free Diabetes Resources

Driver Training, Evaluation and Modification Resources

Mind over Matter program for Women