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Caregiver Support

Through classes, support groups, written materials, and individual consultations, Senior Services provides ongoing support to family caregivers. Such support includes:

1. Information on community resources

2. Encouragement to invest in one’s own health and well-being

3. Facilitation of establishing effective communication skills

4. Moral support through tough situations and decision-making

A family caregiver is someone whose life is impacted by meeting the needs of a family member or friend. Those needs could include chores, errands, supervision, or physical care. Situations where either the caregiver or care receiver is over age 60 are eligible for this service. In addition, anyone over 55 who is caring for a relative under 18 years of age can obtain information and support from the Caregiver Support Program.  Brochure






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November 2018 - November's Hero


See the bottom of the page for an archive of previous caregiver newsletters with the main article highlighted.



Upcoming Class/conference Flyers:

Classes offered - contact Elizabeth at 262-833-8762 for more information

Caregiving Relationships,

Healthy Living with Diabetes  

Living Well with Chronic Conditions 

Powerful Tools for Caregivers   

Stepping On   

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Know your way around a tablet computer? Become a volunteer coach for the new Sip and Swipe Cafe Tablet training program

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Local Flyer "Share the Care"

Telephone Support Group

Caregiver Worksheet


Alzheimer's Association - Area Programs:
What is Alzheimer's Disease - Short Video
Alzheimer's Association programs and classes in Racine and Kenosha - See website at:
Share your stories and socialize with others who have worries about their memory. 
Third Thursday of each month   
1:30—3:00 pm  Parkside Cafe
1400 Highway 11, Union Grove, WI
New members RSVP to 414-479-8800
Social Engagement Opportunities


Care Consultations with Alzheimer's Association Staff - times available at the ADRC offices. Contact Felicia at 262-833-8761 to request and appointment at your convenience.


Caregiver Support - News and Announcements 


Caring for someone with dementia?  Check out the Alzheimer's Family Caregiver Support Program (AFCSP). Call the ADRC 262-833-8777 for more information about the program.


Handout - Compassionate Communication


Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be lonely and overwhelming. To help, the Alzheimer’s Association created ALZConnected, the first dedicated online social networking community where people with Alzheimer’s, their caregivers and others affected by the disease can share answers, opinions, ideas and support. ALZConnected launched last year thanks to the generosity of our donors. This free site, designed especially for the Alzheimer’s community, offers a safe place for people to connect with others in similar situations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year .


The information in “A Guide for Family Caregivers” can answer questions and provide suggestions on how to respond to the most common symptoms of memory loss and dementia.  See the flyer here.


Caregiving Techniques


Video Training - "Safe At Home A Caregivers Guide" can be found at:

Family Caregiver Alliance - 01/16/2014

An educational video―produced by Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) through a $25,000 grant from The Pat Summitt Foundation―offers caregivers of those with dementia simple, inexpensive options for making basic home modifications to help address problematic behavior when providing care at home. 

See the website: brought to you by TerraNova films. There are many good caregiving techniques demonstrated here.

Home Safety Checklist




Share the Caregiving

Have you been taking care of someone for a long time?
Are you feeling burnt out?
Do you feel you can’t do this alone anymore?
Find out about a model program on how to create a unique caregiving family from friends, relative, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances. Visit the Share the Care website at , or contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Racine County at
262-833-8777 Local Flyer for Share the Care


National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices  has developed a Family Support Network that includes resource information, an online support group, and a newsletter.  See the most recent edition:  

March 2017 Caregiver News.


Support Groups for Caregivers

Printable list of Caregiver Support Groups

Telephone Support Group


Support Groups sponsered by the ADRC are offered a variety of days and times for caregivers who are over 60 or are caring for someone over 60. For more information please contact Marilyn Joyce at 262-833-8764or by email at


Third Tuesday 1:30 – 3:00 pm
Yorkville United Methodist Church
17645 Old Yorkville Rd (Just off of Highway 20), Yorkville
Third Wednesday from 1:30 – 3:00 pm
Cross Lutheran Church
126 Chapel Terrace, Burlington
(General parking in back of building.  Please enter through the West door.  Accessible parking and entry are in front.)
First Thursday from 10:30 am12:00 pm
Alzheimer’s Association Support Group 
Bethania Lutheran Church
4120 Wright Ave, Racine
Park and enter at the back of the Church
Second Thursday 6:007:30 pm
Alzheimer’s Association Support Group
Bethania Lutheran Church
4120 Wright Ave, Racine
Park and enter at the back of the Church
First Friday from Noon-1:00 pm
Caregiver ConnectionTelephone Group
Call 262-833-8762 to pre-register
Second Saturday   10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Living Faith (former Atonement) Lutheran Church
2915 Wright Ave, Racine

Statewide call-in caregiver support group occurs the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 1:00 to 2:30 pm.  Click the call-in link for further information about this telephone support group.


Other Area Support Groups:
Aurora Health Care :
Search for Support Groups in the
Racine and Walworth region


Ascension All Saints : 



From the Alzheimer’s Association Newsletter - Sign Up for a Google Hangout Support Group for Caregivers under 40

Are you under 40 and caring for someone with Alzheimer's or another dementia? We've partnered with Hilarity for Charity to bring you our Google Hangout Support Groups this summer. The groups will focus on the unique needs of people under the age of 40 navigating their way through this disease while attending school, raising families of their own or developing careers.  Connect here

Topics and Articles of Interest - 

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Loss and Grief in Caregiving

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Caregiver Stress

Care Partners

Caring While Respecting Wishes

Assisted Living Information


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